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Bitcoin Cash Nodes Summary

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(Corrected to omit duplicate and non-listening nodes)


Using The Latest Consensus Rules

There are currently 1303* public nodes running on the Bitcoin Cash network.

560 Bitcoin Unlimited nodes

422 Bitcoin ABC nodes

285 BCHN nodes

24 bchd nodes

4 Knuth nodes

3 Bitcoin Verde nodes

2 Flowee The Hub nodes

2 Bitcoin XT nodes

1 Other node

All Nodes (current)

Bitcoin Cash Nodes

All Nodes (historical)

Bitcoin Cash Nodes

Bitcoin Unlimited Nodes (historical)

Bitcoin Cash Nodes

Bitcoin ABC Nodes (historical)

Bitcoin Cash Nodes

BCHN Nodes (historical)

Bitcoin Cash Nodes

bchd Nodes (historical)

Bitcoin Cash Nodes

Knuth Nodes (historical)

Bitcoin Cash Nodes

Bitcoin Verde Nodes (historical)

Bitcoin Cash Nodes

Flowee The Hub Nodes (historical)

Bitcoin Cash Nodes

Bitcoin XT Nodes (historical)

Bitcoin Cash Nodes

Other Nodes (historical)

Bitcoin Cash Nodes

Bitcoin Cash Node Checker

Verify that your Bitcoin Cash node is properly connected to the network

Bitcoin Cash Node Implementations

Community-managed List of All Bitcoin Cash Full Node Implementations

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Bitcoin ABC View create
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Bitcoin Cash Node Versions

See how many of each node implementation version is running on the Bitcoin Cash network

75% of all publicly accessible Bitcoin Cash nodes are using the latest consensus rules.

Nov 2020 Compatibility (using default settings)
Node Version
Nov 2020 Compatibility
Node Count
/BCH Unlimited:; AD12; 64bit)/ 448
/Bitcoin Cash Node:22.1.0(EB32.0)/ 193
/Bitcoin ABC:0.21.5(EB32.0)/ 54
/Bitcoin Cash Node:22.2.0(EB32.0)/ 51
/BCH Unlimited:1.8.0(EB32; AD12; 64bit)/ 48
/BCH Unlimited:1.9.0(EB32; AD12; 64bit)/ 48
/Bitcoin ABC:0.22.8(EB32.0)/ 43
/Bitcoin ABC:0.22.6(EB32.0)/ 34
/Bitcoin ABC:0.22.7(EB32.0)/ 34
/Bitcoin ABC:0.15.1(EB8.0)/ 27
/Bitcoin ABC:0.21.7(EB32.0)/ 21
/Bitcoin Cash Node:22.0.0(EB32.0)/ 17
/Bitcoin ABC:0.21.0(EB32.0)/ 16
/bchd:0.17.0(EB32.0)/ 16
/Bitcoin ABC:0.22.5(EB32.0)/ 15
/Bitcoin ABC:0.21.9(EB32.0)/ 11
/Bitcoin ABC:0.22.4(EB32.0)/ 11
/Bitcoin Cash Node:22.1.0(EB32.0; bitcore)/ 10
/Bitcoin ABC:0.20.6(EB32.0)/ 9
/Bitcoin ABC:0.21.11(EB32.0)/ 9
/Bitcoin ABC:0.21.8(EB32.0)/ 8
/Bitcoin ABC:0.22.1(EB32.0)/ 8
/Bitcoin ABC:0.22.2(EB32.0)/ 8
/Bitcoin Cash Node:0.21.2(EB32.0)/ 8
/Bitcoin ABC:0.21.1(EB32.0)/ 7
/Bitcoin ABC:0.20.9(EB32.0)/ 6
/Bitcoin ABC:0.21.12(EB32.0)/ 6
/Bitcoin ABC:0.21.13(EB32.0)/ 6
/Bitcoin ABC:0.21.6(EB32.0)/ 6
/Bitcoin ABC:0.22.3(EB32.0)/ 6
/BUCash:1.7.0(EB32; AD12; 64bit)/ 6
/Bitcoin ABC:0.18.2(EB32.0)/ 5
/Bitcoin ABC:0.21.3(EB32.0)/ 5
/Bitcoin ABC:0.17.2(EB32.0)/ 4
/Bitcoin ABC:0.19.6(EB32.0)/ 4
/Bitcoin ABC:0.21.4(EB32.0)/ 4
/Bitcoin ABC:0.22.6(EB32.0; bitcore)/ 4
/kth-bch:0.7.0/ 4
/Bitcoin ABC:0.18.6(EB32.0)/ 3
/Bitcoin ABC:0.19.4(EB32.0)/ 3
/Bitcoin ABC:0.20.1(EB32.0)/ 3
/Bitcoin ABC:0.20.5(EB32.0)/ 3
/Bitcoin ABC:0.21.2(EB32.0)/ 3
/Bitcoin Verde:2.0.0/ 3
/Bitcoin ABC:0.18.5(EB32.0; bitcore)/ 2
/Bitcoin ABC:0.19.11(EB32.0)/ 2
/Bitcoin ABC:0.19.12(EB32.0)/ 2
/Bitcoin ABC:0.19.8(EB32.0)/ 2
/Bitcoin ABC:0.20.0(EB32.0)/ 2
/Bitcoin ABC:0.20.7(EB32.0)/ 2
/Bitcoin ABC:0.21.10(EB32.0)/ 2
/Bitcoin ABC:0.21.3(EB32.0; bitcore)/ 2
/Bitcoin ABC:0.22.6(EB32.0; bitcoin-abc)/ 2
/Bitcoin ABC:0.22.8(EB32.0; BCH1)/ 2
/Bitcoin ABC:0.22.9(EB32.0)/ 2
/bchd:0.14.6(EB32.0)/ 2
/bchd:0.16.5(EB32.0)/ 2
/bchd:0.16.6(EB32.0)/ 2
/bchd:0.17.0(EB32.0; TOL)/ 2
/Bitcoin ABC:0.16.2(EB8.0)/ 1
/Bitcoin ABC:0.17.1(EB32.0)/ 1
/Bitcoin ABC:0.18.3(EB32.0)/ 1
/Bitcoin ABC:0.18.5(EB32.0)/ 1
/Bitcoin ABC:0.19.1(EB32.0)/ 1
/Bitcoin ABC:0.19.5(EB32.0)/ 1
/Bitcoin ABC:0.19.7(EB32.0)/ 1
/Bitcoin ABC:0.19.9(EB32.0)/ 1
/Bitcoin ABC:0.20.12(EB32.0)/ 1
/Bitcoin ABC:0.20.2(EB32.0)/ 1
/Bitcoin ABC:0.20.6(EB32.0; bitcore)/ 1
/Bitcoin ABC:0.20.8(EB32.0)/ 1
/Bitcoin ABC:0.21.12(EB32.0; bch-mainnet)/ 1
/Bitcoin ABC:0.21.4(EB32.0; bitcore)/ 1
/BCH Unlimited:1.9.0(EB32; AD12; 32bit)/ 1
/BCH Unlimited:1.9.0(EB32; AD2016; 64bit)/ 1
/BCH Unlimited:1.9.0(EB64; AD210000; 64bit)/ 1
/BCH Unlimited:; AD2016; 64bit)/ 1
/BCH Unlimited:; AD8; 64bit)/ 1
/BUCash:; AD12)/ 1
/BUCash:1.6.0(EB32; AD12)/ 1
/BUCash:; AD12)/ 1
/Bitcoin XT:0.11.0H(Linux; x86_64; EB8)/ 1
/Bitcoin XT:0.11.0K(Linux; x86_64; EB32)/ 1
/Flowee:1(Joes Diner)/ 1
/Flowee:1(Ut Prosim)/ 1
/Bitcoin Cash Node:0.21.1(EB32.0)/ 1
/Bitcoin Cash Node:22.1.0(EB32.0; Agentus)/ 1
/Bitcoin Cash Node:22.2.0(EB32.0; TaxCoin)/ 1
/Bitcoin Cash Node:22.3.0(EB32.0)/ 1

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